Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the 'Moral Right' to Profit

This was written in response to Kevin Drum for an article in which he posited that " creators have a moral right to profit from their works."
And "I'd hate to live in a world in which authors found it nearly impossible to make money from their works."
Yes. Really a quote.
No. I will NOT justify his idiocy by linking his dogmatic rant.
Thanks to Mike Masnick and for the to to the article, though.
You know what? You're right. Without DRM, there's no way an artist like, say, Tim Schaffer could ever get people to give him millions of dollars for his work, so it will never get made.
Oh wait. I guess I was wrong.
Why are you so special that you magically get to trample on everyone else's right to the public domain for YEARS after your death? Because you're an 'artist'? Because you make culture?  Sorry, but the rest of us work for our paycheck EVERY week.
Sorry, but you have no moral right to profit off of work you did years ago any more than I have a moral right to steal.
If you want to profit, you produce a product people want to buy at a price they're willing to buy it at. Trust that the legions of the internet ARE interested in making sure that the content they love continues to be produced.
If one lesson has come out of the internet age, it's this: markets ALWAYS find a way to incentivize behaviors they like.

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