Sunday, January 15, 2012

G.O.P.olitical Landscaping

I had a rather difficult time falling asleep on Friday night. After a double dose of melatonin, a cup of tea, and several shots of Smirnoff 100 proof mixed with diet A&W, I still was wide awake. My kind just kept buzzing with the following post.
But first, a little fun, shall we?
Rick Santorum offended a crowd at a New Hampshire college a week and a half ago when he equated polygamy to homosexuality. If you recall, Santorum gained his first fifteen minutes (and eternal google bombing) of infamy when he equated homosexuality to having sex with a dog. I would like to step through the resultant algebraic calculations with you.
Homosexuality = bestiality (dog)
Polygamy = homosexuality = bestiality
Monogamy = polygamy/2
Ergo: monogamy = bestiality/2? bestiality with half a dog? A centaur? Mermaid?

Since Santorum is definitely pro monogamy, I think we can therefore conclude that Rick Santorum is clearly gunning for the furry vote. Or at least that he likes hentai (No, I am NOT providing a link).

The particular realization that kept me awake (and potentially frightened) was that we could be perfectly lined up for our very first Caucasiansane American.
Let me explain.
Romney (but not really Romney, because that would be illegal) launched a vicious ad attack on Gingrich in Iowa. Many analysts noted that an angry teddy bear Gingrich could unleash his fury (and has) on the Romney campaign, which may help sway many key figures against his campaign. If a desperate, spiteful Gingrich can through enough weight against Romney's edifice, he may fall within spitting distance of the next set of candidates; Santorum and Ron Paul.
As you might probably guess, I'm not exactly a fan of Santorum. Or santorum. And I think his penchant for raising the ire of the left and his uncertain ground on the deficit makes him a nonviable candidate for the GOP. His focus has been on the Moral Right, but the present zeitgeist of politics is much more closely aligned with ACTUAL fiscal conservativism. But that means that the mantle of leadership could then pass on to the one (R) that the media actually seems to fear: (R)on Paul. All he has to do is tackle the very uncertain lead Santorum has and wait for Newt to take down Mitt, and viola! He's golden.

He was Tea party before the Tea party existed, and has a consistent voting record.
He appeals to the GOP anti-immigration sensibilities (which I specifically disagree with, but more on that later).
Romney might seem pro-big business, but Ron Paul certainly seems more pro-jobs, and that's not a small thing when you're looking at the present economy. Also, Romney bragged about enjoying firing people.
He hasn't suffered the same attacks that every other candidate has thrown at each other.
He managed to garner over 20% of the vote - and that's WITH THE ENTIRE MEDIA (including the right wingers) AGAINST HIM.

On the other hand:
As a Libertarian, a lot of moderates and left wing voters feel more comfortable with his stance on social issues.
Americans, as a whole, are tired of war and want to see it end. While we might not go for eternal isolationism, it is certainly being seen as a time to come home and rest our tired bones.
He isn't beholden to larger corporations and doesn't have a dirty past unlike ALL the other candidates.

He really might be the only one who can go toe-to-toe with Obama and win - he's more certain to cut the defecit, and the war, stronger on personal liberty and privacy (NDAA, anyone?), is friendlier to technology, and isn't beholden to large content creators the way EVERYONE else is (I'm looking at you, SOPA/PIPA).

That last point bears out notice: large media and content corporations actually seem to be scared about the possibility of an RP presidency because we WON'T cowtow to their interests the way that every other president (and every congress) has done. Ron Paul was able to oppose all the things fiscal conservatives love, and managed to do so WITHOUT sticking his foot in his mouth.

Another sign that we should gear up for an RP candidacy? The Obama administration is trying to combine and condense government agencies NOW in order to preempt his candidacy. True, all Republicans claim that they want to shrink federal government, but so far none have. This sudden shift in priority is more strongly a blow against Ron Paul than any other candidate.
The fact is, if RP keeps the heat on and builds his campaign, with the way he's been going, no one will have the power to stop him - every other candidate has been shown to be vulnerable to the public at large, an no other candidate has resonated so strongly with the present vox populi with only a grassroots backing. True, everyone in the old guard thinks of him as a bit of a nutjob, but most would rather an intelligent nutjob than an inconsistentunreliableincompetent fool.

In another post, I'll explain why a Ron Paul presidency (against my prior beliefs) may not actually be a bad thing...

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